Below is a list of DVDs we have available to borrow. 

Email David Wisser the title you would like to borrow and he will send you the form for your acceptance of conditions of use. 


We also have training material available on VHS tapes.

Please contact Dave Wisser for a complete list of titles if interested in VHS tapes.  

We also now have a few - BOOKS (Added March 2019)

  1. WEF Basic Laboratory Procdures for the Operator - Analyst (Fifth Edition)
  2. WEF Wastewater Collection System Operator Certification Studybook
  3. WEF Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals I - Liquid Treatment
DVD (Updated April 2016)


1.        Electrical Safety Program

2.        Microsoft excel (3 DVD Set)

3.        PA DEP Activated Sludge, Nitrification-Denitrification, Chemical Feed

4.        PA DEP Safety, West Nile Virus, chemical Reaction

5.        Pipe Plug Safety

6.        Confined Space Entry

7.        Lock Out Tag Out

8.        Chlorine Emergencies – Overview for First Responders

9.        Handling Sodium Hypochlorite Safely

10.      Chlorine Emergency Kit A (150 lbs.)

11.      Chlorine Emergency Kit B (Ton containers)

12.      Chlorine Emergency Kit C (Tank Cars)

13.      Chlorine Safety for Water and Wastewater Operators

14.      Microlife in the Activated Sludge Process

15.      Identification of Filaments in the Activated Sludge Process

16.      WEF – Activated Sludge Process Control

17.      WEF – Solids Handling

18.      Streetwise – Working in Traffic Safely

19.      Lab Tech Training – Math and Metric System

20.      Lab Tech Training – Safety Practices

21.      Lab Tech Training – pH Measurement

22.      Back Safety

23.      Hazard Communication Safety

24.      Workplace Bloodborne Pathogens

25.      Workplace Fire Safety

26.      Forklift Operator Safety

27.      How to Handle Flammables

28.      How to Handle Corrosives

29.      How to Handle Solvents

30.      Handling Flammable & Non-Flammable Gases

31.      What to Do In Case of Fire

32.      The Hazard Communication Standard

33.      Hazardous Chemical Containers

34.      pH Analysis and Procedures

35.      Respiratory Safety

36.      Scaffold Safety

37.      Excavation and Trenching

38.      Ladder Safety

39.      Hand and Power Tool Safety

40.      DEP S-06 Primary Treatment S-07 Trickling Filters S-08 Activated Sludge S-09 Disinfection

41.      DEP S-08 Intro. to Act. Sldg., TRN-01 Nitrification, TRN-02 Denitrification, DW-06 Chem. Feed

42.      DEP Financial Management Training Modules

43.      WEF Manual of Practice 11

44.      DEP Module 11 Maintenance Safety

45.      EPWPCOA Making Spreadsheets work for you

46.      DEP S-01 Intro to Wastewater S-02 Wastewater Operator

47.      DEP PR-02 The Treatment of Wastewater

48.      DEP-SO3 Why Treat Waste

49.      DEP-SO4 Wastewater Treatment Facilities

50.      DEP-SO5 Racks, Screens, Comminuters, and Grit Removal  

51.      DEP-SO6 Sedimentation and Flotation

52.      DEP-SO8 Activated Sludge and Ponds

53.      DEP-SO9 Disinfection Process