COVID-19 Detection - Webinar

Over the past few months COVID-19 has changed nearly every aspect of our public lives, causing many municipalities to search for effective solutions. Tracking infection levels is a key element in fighting the virus - the more data available the better the outcome.   While individuals can be tested for the virus  - singular datapoints may not paint a full picture of an area’s virus impact.  A deeper understanding of an area where an outbreak may be occurring can be achieved through wastewater sampling, as virus markers are excreted with human fecal matter. Increases in virus concentration in any given area over time can serve as an early indicator of a possible coming surge in cases and hospitalizations. This additional data can be a great tool that facilitates collaboration within a municipality and potential areas of COVID19 outbreaks.

Hosted by AECOM 

Presenters include: Chris Whitehead & Kevin Voit



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