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Sunday. 24 October, 2021 - Saturday. 30 October, 2021
Wednesday. 27 October, 2021
10:00 am

"Wastewater Disinfection Using Peracetic Acid " - Webinar

Most of us are familiar with chorine and ultraviolet disinfection and dechlorination, but many of us are not familiar with another potential option for us, Peracetic Acid (PAA) disinfection. PAA is not new in the wastewater disinfection world, but is new to most of us in Pennsylvania. Philip Block, PHD will discuss how this process works, the pros and cons versus other technologies, the testing requirements state agencies are requiring, safety and a few case studies. Dr. Block is a leading expert directly involved with the development of the recently released WEF publication, Peracetic Acid Disinfection-Implementation Considerations for Water Resource Recovery Facilities. This is a great opportunity to learn about this process and ask very basic to technical questions.

Presenter: Philip Block, PhD - PeroxyChem Technology Director- Specialty Markets and Water Treatment