EPWPCOA Public Education Committee members are committed to helping our membership with public outreach in our respective communities and for providing resources and understanding for communities looking to learn more about our most valuable resource – WATER!

EPWPCOA members are a valuable resource to our local communities and to each other. Our members participate in various aspects of the water resources industry(s). Our members are available for treatment plant tours, school events, and community events. Some tools that the EPWPCOA Public Education Committee can offer, include:

  • Enviroscape Models (see pics below): The EnviroScape® environmental education models show water pollution and prevention through shared responsibility. A series of portable models dramatically demonstrate water pollution concepts and their prevention. EnviroScape® effectively communicates our shared responsibility for the environment to people of all ages, languages and cultures. Our models are engaging and effective, as they create a real sense of understanding through experience and hands-on demonstration. EPWPCOA can provide a watershed/nonpoint source runoff model OR a drinking water/wastewater treatment model. To request access to use the Enviroscape model(s) please email epwpcoa@ptd.net
  • EPWPCOA promotional items
  • EPWPCOA member treatment plants who are interested and available to provide educational tours of their facilities. Click Here for a list of facilities that provide tours

For more information about the EPWPCOA Public Education Committee OR to let us know about an upcoming water related community event, please contact epwpcoa@ptd.net

Other Public Education sources

  • Water Environment Federation (WEF) is an international federation of Member Associations whose primary purpose is education and training on water resources issues. A link to their public education resources can be folung by clicking here
  • Pennsylvania Water Environment Association (PWEA ) is our state member association to WEF. Many EPWPCOA members are members of PWEA. A link to PWEA public education information brochures and articles can be found by clicking here.

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